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The purpose of my school assembly speaking engagement is to educate, motivate and inspire hope and a powerful sense of self worth to present-day youth to embrace virtue necessary for exercising positive character choices needed for attaining their goals for a successful life.

During my power packed and illustrative assembly students learn to say NO To bullying, disrespect for authority drugs, gangs, suicide, peer pressure and teen pregnancy by saying YES to character, academic excellence, service and sportsmanship one positive decision at a time.

By the end of the program students will know how to apply the APC, BLT & HERO principles for success.

With bullying, violence and drugs and a lack of respect for authority and vision on the rise among our youth, every school needs a hero to come in and re-enforce what the true heroes of our school system (educators, teachers, coaches, counselors and faculty) already communicate to our children on a regular base.

Call/text: 904-891-0397 or email: today for more information

about our MOTIVATIONAL SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES speaking engagement.