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Living in the summation of Heaven’s

Culture on earth: love

Our Father, Almighty God, Holy is your name.

Because of your everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:13, John 3:16) revealed on the cross through the death, burial and resurrection of your Son (Corinthians 15:2-3) our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, your kingdom has come to us.

As believers privileged to co-labor with you (1Corinthians 3:9) in your harvest field, we are taking the gospel of your grace into all nations (Mark 16:15) and the lost are hearing Jesus’ voice of grace (John 5:25) and receiving Him (John 1:12) through faith.

And together as the church, the body of Christ on earth, we are growing up into His fullness in all things, walking in His love, righteous identity, inheritance and destiny (2 Corinthians 5:17-21 & Ephesians 1-4) in Jesus name. Amen.

Making disciples of all nations.

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God loves you unconditionally and will always do. He created humans to be with Him, to enjoy His love forever and not apart from Him. Because of our sin which brought spiritual death, God the Father through and in collaboration with God The Son, Jesus Christ and the empowerment of The Holy Spirit made the only righteous, acceptable and qualified provision for our salvation. Through His shed blood, Jesus Christ fully paid the eternal price required to redeem and bring us back to the experience of the love God has always intended for us.

Now you can partake of all the benefit of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross when you believe in Him by receiving Him. When you believe in Jesus you are putting your complete trust and reliance in Him alone and nothing and no one else. God’s grace cannot be earned by any good thing we have or will ever do. God’s standard for salvation is absolute perfection and He is offering that to you as a gift of love in His Son Jesus Christ.

There is nothing, no good moral deeds you can offer to God to be saved. You can only receive the love offer of eternal life He offered you through Jesus by faith. Come home to God’s wide stretched arms of love and grace. That’s where you belong and not the anguish of eternity apart from the experiential covering of His love. Receive now by believing in The Lord Jesus and be saved. Talk to God from your heart.…………….. Welcome to the Family of God’s grace: Jesus. Now that you have received Jesus by believing in Him you are born again and God has made you his very righteousness and holy. That is your identity. That is who you are in Christ. You are completely accepted in Jesus The beloved of God.

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